What the state of nursing homes is like now

Willoughby, W.


— The nursing home industry has been hit hard by the opioid crisis.

In the past few years, the industry has had to take a number of steps to mitigate the damage caused by the drug crisis.

The state’s newest law, which passed this month, provides for more incentives to help nursing homes become more patient and less dependent on the drug.

The new regulations also require the state’s nursing home regulators to conduct an annual assessment of the state and county’s nursing homes to assess whether their care facilities are providing a high quality of care.

The results of the assessment will be reported to the state legislature this year.

The state also has a new system of monitoring and reporting on nursing home quality, including an online system that allows the public to see and track the quality of nursing home care.

While there are a number ways that the state can help the nursing home community, one of the most important is by monitoring the nursing homes that are doing well, said David K. Miller, executive director of the National Association of State Directors of Nursing Home Administrators.

The goal is to make sure that the quality stays high and that there are not any bottlenecks, he said.

The Nursing Home Association of West Virginia (NAWSV) is one of several groups that have been advocating for this legislation.

It is an important step, said Steve H. Davis, the president of NAWSV.

The group is also advocating for other measures that will help nursing home facilities meet the needs of their patients.

The organization wants to ensure that all nursing home communities can work collaboratively to find a common solution, Davis said.NAWSVs is also encouraging the state to create a pilot program for the state-run system of county nursing homes, which operates in 20 counties in West Virginia and in six other states.

This would be a pilot project that would test the idea of a centralized system in the state, Davis added.NAWsV and other advocates also want to see more funding allocated to nursing home operators, such as for more long-term care, Davis noted.

The NAWSVs pilot program could also help address the issue of chronic care in nursing homes.

The average stay of a patient in a nursing home is about six months, but many have longer stays than that, Davis pointed out.

That can cause long-lasting damage, including dementia, dementia-related dementia, and even cancer.

To date, there are no laws that specifically regulate how long the state must maintain nursing home health, Davis explained.

It may be easier to have the state determine what a nursing facility is required to be healthy if the state determines that the care they are providing is in line with the requirements of the federal government, he added.

The nursing homes industry in West VA is doing a good job, said Michael R. D’Oro, president and CEO of the West Virginia Nursing Home Owners Association.

We are in good shape, he noted.

However, there is a need for additional funding and to create incentives that help the industry, he continued.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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