How to keep your home from becoming a nursing home

Bria Nursing Home in Southland is closing its doors in March, and the facility is seeking a buyer.

The facility had been open for three decades.

In a statement on the nursing home’s website, the facility’s owner, Leland G. O’Donnell, said he has agreed to sell the facility and to relocate to the West Virginia city of Huntington.

O’tnell said that he and his wife, Beverly, will move to Huntington with the remainder of their family.

The couple’s children are in the care of the Huntington Nursing Home.

O’snell has been in the business of nursing homes for years, and he said he began to understand how challenging the business can be when it comes to moving a nursing facility to a new location.

“The business has never been this difficult, but I’m very happy with where we are,” O’snae said in the statement.

“We are not looking to sell this facility, but the community and the families that care for us need to be informed about our plans to move.”

A spokesperson for the Huntington nursing home did not return a call for comment. 

A home in Huntington is set to be closed after years of neglect by its owners. 

According to a press release from the Huntington facility, the nursing facility has experienced significant financial hardships in recent years. 

“Despite significant financial challenges, our family is committed to making this home our home and is looking forward to continuing our efforts to make it a better place,” O’Donnel said in a press statement. 

Leland O’Neill, owner of Bria and other nursing homes in South Land, was charged with six counts of cruelty to animals and animal cruelty by the New York State Department of Agriculture in 2015. 

The O’Connors were also charged with multiple animal cruelty violations in New York City in 2016. 

Last week, O’Brien told the New Yorker that he was considering selling the facility.

He said that if he can’t make the sale, he would move to a different facility. 

Bria has been a nursing homes since 1988.

The nursing home has about 6,000 residents.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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