Oakridge nursing homes to be rehoused in ‘bigger, better’ plan

Oakridge Nursing Homes, which have been closed since January, are to be relaunched in a larger, better plan to improve the quality of care and services for seniors, according to an agreement reached with the county.

The move comes as the facility, which has a capacity of about 200 patients, struggles with a steady decline in revenue.

Oakridge, a nursing home for over 150 people in the Oakland Hills, has been closed for several months after a fire killed a family and sickened seven others.

The deal between the county and Oakridge officials includes a “sustainable” renovation of the facility to meet new health and safety standards.

The county hopes to be ready by the end of 2019, with construction expected to begin in 2019.

Oakwood Health and Safety Commissioner Kevin McPherson said he and his staff are eager to get the facility up and running.

He said the county wants to do everything they can to help ensure the facility remains safe for its residents.

“We’ve seen how well that’s been working, and we want to continue to do that,” McPhersson said.

“They want to take care of everybody.

They want to keep that going for as long as they possibly can, but they also want to do the right thing, to make sure the facility is able to meet those standards for the foreseeable future.”

The facility has been plagued by a series of safety issues, including an increase in patients with mental illness and other health issues.

In addition to the increased number of patients, the facility has had a declining occupancy rate in recent months.

The facility is still awaiting state approval to reopen, but it will have to prove it can meet the new standards by the start of 2019.

“The county has indicated that they’re interested in providing financial support to help with that process,” McSherry said.

“I’m hoping that by the time that gets to that point, we’ll have a plan that works.”

The agreement was reached in a bid to improve access to care for the Oakridge residents and address the safety issues that have led to the facility closing.

The county will pay for a “significant” investment in the facility.

The money will be used to provide more staffing and better quality care.

Oak Ridge, which opened in 1967, currently has a facility capacity of roughly 200 patients.

The facility is open seven days a week for nursing home residents, and there is no overnight facility.

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