How to get rid of the ‘honey badger’ nursing home in Concordia

Concordia, Mass.

— For the last two decades, Concordia’s largest nursing home has been a quiet place where people can live and work without worrying about the neighbors.

But the owners say they have heard a lot about the nursing home’s recent troubles.

The owners say the building has been on the market for a while and there was no one to buy it.

They say that has led to the deterioration of the nursing facility’s condition and a lot of complaints.

The Concordia board of nursing says it was notified about the deteriorating condition in June.

That led to an inspection last month, and a recent review of the building and its condition revealed issues with air conditioning and plumbing, among other problems.

The owners say that the nursing care system needs to be upgraded to provide better and safer care for the residents and staff.

The nursing home is one of a handful of residential care facilities across the country that are rated “in good” or “excellent” by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

There are other nursing homes in Massachusetts that have received “good” ratings and are not subject to a rating from CMS, according to CMS.

Concordia is one.

“The nursing home at Concordia has a history of significant problems with air quality,” said Carol DeGarmo, director of CMS’s National Health Service Centers for Quality Care.

“The current management and operation is not in good standing with CMS.”

The nursing homes’ current owners say a major problem is that the building, which is home to more than 1,100 residents, is not properly ventilated.

The residents are often ill or hospitalized with respiratory problems.

DeGarmoto said she has not seen a complaint filed against the nursing homes owner, but she has spoken with a number of people who have.

They’ve asked her to take action to get the building inspected.

She said she is considering contacting the owner, and the owner is expected to address concerns with the health department.

DeGarobo said the nursinghome has a certificate of occupancy and has a permit to use that space, but it needs to meet stricter standards.

She said there is a need for a new air-conditioning system.

She has asked the owner to come up with ideas to provide a better ventilation system.

De Garmo said it is important for the health care system to make sure its facilities are safe.

“It’s just the way we have to run our hospitals, and I think it’s a really big issue in terms of the health of our hospitals,” DeGamo said.

“I think there’s a lot more we need to look at.”

The Concordia owners are working to make repairs and have been in talks with the owner about purchasing the building.

They are also exploring other options for the nursing facilities, including an office park and an industrial park, according the Concordia Health Department.

The owner could also open a new nursing home.

“This has been going on for many years,” De Garmotos said.

“I just want to be able to get some closure on this, and this has been an ongoing problem.”

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