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Google’s search results show it’s the number one nursing home search for Australian residents

Collingswood Nursing Home, which was once Australia’s largest nursing home chain, has seen its search ranking rise by one spot after the US company announced its plans to build a $100m facility.

Google searches for the nursing home’s name rose from 6,700 last year to 8,100 this year. 

“The company has made great strides in the area of nursing homes, as well as in other areas like food safety, in our search rankings, in Australia,” the company said in a blog post.

“We’ve also been seeing an increase in the number of people using our search for the Collingswoods.

We hope that with more Australians visiting, we can bring more people to our home, and more people will find the Collingwood Nursing home.”

Collingswood was one of the largest nursing homes in Australia when it opened in 1965, with more than 60,000 residents at the time.

It closed its doors in 2011 and moved to a new facility in Parkview in 2014.

Google is the largest search engine in Australia, with a global reach of more than 10 billion people.

The search engine has been building out its Australian search infrastructure, and has plans to expand it to include new properties and information about them, in an effort to improve its search results for Australian-owned homes.

Google has previously said it was working on its own search platform for Australia, but has not commented on the new plan. 

More to come.

Williamsburg Nursing Home To Close After Death of Nursing Home Employee

Williamsburg nursing home will close in December, and will be replaced by a new nursing home for residents of its former campus.

The Williamburg Nursing Home in William, Va., is to close in January, the Associated Press reported.

The state Department of Health and Human Services announced Friday it will purchase the former William-based nursing home and build a new facility in the same building.

William and Elizabeth Lillian Bowers were the first and only patients at the nursing home to die in the state in 2009.

They died of a respiratory disease, according to the AP.

The nursing home closed in January after a $6.8 million renovation and renovation was completed.

The new nursing facility will be a 2,000-bed facility.

The former Willliam-based facility will reopen next year, according the AP, but the new nursing complex is still in the planning stages.

Williamsville’s former residents will have the option of continuing to live at the William home or living in a different facility, according Health and Social Services spokeswoman Mary Bower.

A new facility for residents in the facility will begin construction in January.

The Lillian Lowers were among the first patients at William’s Williamland nursing home who died of the respiratory disease.

Elizabeth Lillie was an assistant nurse at the facility and died on Jan. 5, 2019, according ABC News.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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