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Cuomo: ‘There’s no way we could have lost this’

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo is blaming his administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic for a prolonged wait for patients at the state’s hospitals.

In a Tuesday press conference, Cuomo said he “had a difficult decision to make,” and he added that the state will “never forget” the “huge efforts” of his office.

Cuomo was responding to a question about whether he believes the coronavets could have been treated earlier and for longer if the state had been able to provide more beds to help the nation’s largest hospital network get through the pandemic.

“I believe we should have been able and we could, but I have to give credit where credit is due,” he said.

Cuomos administration initially said it planned to offer emergency care to the statewide nursing home population, but the state said the plan would not be extended to the private hospitals.

“The state has done everything possible, including providing additional beds, to help us respond to the crisis, and we are grateful to all the people who have made this possible,” Cuomo said.

“We are committed to getting the people of New York State out of the hospital as quickly as possible and to providing those who have lost their homes the care they need.

It is our hope that this can be an example to others that the public health response to a pandemic can be scaled up to other states.”

Cuomo said that the administration has also committed to providing the state with more than $7 billion in funding for nursing home facilities and other community facilities, including those in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

“As we continue to work with the governors office and others to plan for the long-term health of the state, the governor has directed the Department of Health to provide additional support to those hospitals, nursing homes and community centers that have the capacity to provide care,” Cuomo’s press secretary, Michael Paterniti, said in a statement.

“While this is not an exhaustive list of the critical needs, the administration is committed to reaching out to the local, state and federal partners to provide the support needed to support the state.”

Cuomo also reiterated his call for New York to adopt a statewide system for emergency medical care, and he urged the state to “take every possible step” to help those who are dying.

“There’s going to be a long wait for the state,” Cuomo told reporters Tuesday.

“I am going to wait and see how this plays out.”

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