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Why we’re hearing about a nursing home for seniors in Oakview

Oakview, Ont., is seeing an influx of seniors in need of help.

The facility has been serving the needs of seniors at Sunnyview Nursing Home since 2004.

It is one of the only facilities in Canada that is fully staffed 24/7 with doctors, nurses and social workers to care for all kinds of needs.

In recent months, the Oakview nursing care has seen its capacity and needs increase.

It was previously serving a population of about 2,000 residents.

It’s a facility with a unique story.

It started in the mid-19th century when an estate was purchased in Oakfield for $3,500.

The estate was sold in 1921 and the home became a nursing facility.

In the early 20th century, a new nursing home opened in Oakville, Ont.

It’s now home to Oakview.

In addition to the two facilities in the Oakville area, there are four other facilities in Ontario that are currently being developed.

At the Oakridge facility, there is a large nursing home with four different kinds of rooms and suites.

In the nursing home’s dining room, there’s a dining area that is shared by four different nursing homes.

There’s also a large living room with a living area with a separate nursing home room.

In a nursing room at Sunnyvale, a room is split in half.

There are two dining rooms with a full kitchenette and a dining room with one nursing home suite.

In another room, an adult-only room is shared between two different nursing home suites.

In between, there might be a small bedroom that has two small rooms.

In a bedroom, there could be two smaller rooms that share a single bed.

In some rooms, there may be a single adult-owned room that has a kitchenette, dining room and a laundry room.

A nursing home bed in a nursing house.

(Courtesy of Sunnyvale Nursing Home)When you walk into Sunnyvale’s nursing home it’s hard to miss the history of the nursing homes in Oakridge, Sunnyvale and Oakview that were built for seniors.

The first nursing home in Oakbrook was built in 1882.

Today there are more than 800 nursing homes across Ontario and more than 100,000 people in Ontario.

Sunnyvale was the first in Ontario, as well.

Sunnyview and Oakridge have become known for their unique stories.

For many years, the residents of Sunnyview had to choose between two options: stay at the nursing facility and be housed at a seniors’ home or move out and live with relatives.

The facilities’ stories changed dramatically in the 1970s.

The facilities were upgraded to accommodate a growing population of seniors and in the 1980s, they began to offer an option to those who wanted to stay at home.

Many seniors from Sunnyview wanted to live at home and had chosen Sunnyview for that reason.

In 1987, the Sunnyvale facility was sold to a company, Oakview Residential Homes, that offered a new home for the seniors.

In 2009, Sunnyview was purchased by the Ontario Health Authority.

The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) is the province’s pension plan that helps retirees and people with disabilities.

The retirement plan provides financial support to those seniors.

It was a bittersweet moment for the residents at Sunnydale.

The Oakview facility had served the seniors well and the community was grateful for the long-term care they had received there.

However, that changed in 2017 when the Ontario Retirement Board decided to sell the Sunnyview facility.

It took more than a year before the Ontario Ministry of Finance confirmed it was sold.

By the time the sale was announced, the families of those who had lived in the Sunnydale nursing home were in shock.

There was an awful feeling that this was going to be taken away from them and we didn’t know how long this would be the case.

The families of the residents that had moved out and lived with relatives were devastated and it took time for them to process what had happened.

The community was left to deal with their grief and anger.

People were upset, angry and scared.

Some people were trying to get the staff to look after them, and some were trying desperately to get help for themselves.

In 2018, the family of one of Sunnydale’s residents filed a lawsuit against the Ontario government.

The family was told the government was responsible for the sale, and that the property would be returned to the family.

The lawsuit was filed by the families, and it eventually went to court.

In October 2018, a Superior Court judge ruled the government responsible for selling the property and ordered the government to provide the families with a refund of their $12,000 purchase price.

The Ontario government has not yet responded to the lawsuit, but they have indicated they will make a decision in the next few weeks.

The family is hoping the government will ensure their families receive a refund and a place to live when they move out.In

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