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Residents complain about unsafe conditions at Hamilton nursing home

Residents of the Hamilton nursing homes, Harmony, Hartford and Harmony say they have not had enough food and water for more than a year, and that they are living in fear.

The Globe and Mail visited the hospitals in May to find out what residents have been told about the condition of their facilities and what’s happening to their families.

The Globe spoke to several residents, and two of them said the nursing homes have not been inspected for a lack of oversight.

They said their concerns are not being taken seriously.

“I think we have to have a look at the people that are managing the facility, the people who are running it and their responsibilities,” said Jennifer Cote, who lives in Harmony, a nursing home on Lake Huron in west-end Toronto.

“I don’t know if we should be taking the responsibility on our hands.”

Cote and her husband, Michael, have lived in the Harmony nursing home for the past nine years.

The Cote’s oldest child, two-year-old Kayleigh, was born in the hospital, and they have been caring for her for years.

Kayleigh was born with a rare condition that can affect her heart.

It’s called congenital heart valve stenosis.

Her doctors said she’s also been told that Kayleigh has the rarer condition of aortic stenosis, which can cause severe chest pain.

Jennifer Cote is a mother of two young children.

She said she has been waiting for the hospital to perform an independent inspection, as she says it should.

She said the hospital is working on the issue, and is also looking at what could have happened to the infants and toddlers in the facility.

A spokeswoman for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care said the ministry was “aware of the situation.”

A spokesperson for the Canadian Association of University Hospitals and Clinics (CAHOC) said they are “aware” of the issue.

They said it is too early to know if the conditions are the result of poor oversight or whether there are any systemic issues that need to be addressed.

Hartford residents say the facility has not been under a full inspection since 2010.

After visiting the hospital in May, I was surprised to learn that the facility was in the middle of an investigation.

I found it to be a very poor inspection.

There were holes in the wall, no ventilation and all sorts of other issues.

And when the inspectors were asked, they were unable to provide an explanation.

They were completely unable to do their job.

– Jennifer Cotte, Harmony residentA recent audit of the facility by the Ontario-based Accreditation Council for Occupational Health and Safety found the facility had a “low” compliance rating, meaning it had failed to follow all of its safety requirements, such as keeping records, recording information and having a proper cooling system.

Despite the low rating, Harmony residents said the building has been “unable to close” in recent years.

A spokesperson for Harmony said in a statement the hospital has been inspected multiple times in the past, and the facility is “currently in the process of having all of the necessary inspections completed.”

The ministry’s statement said the province “continues to support the health and safety of its residents and the residents of its facilities, including monitoring and addressing the situation that exists in the Windsor facility.”

The Globe asked if the government has ever inspected Harmony or any other Windsor nursing home.

A spokesman for the ministry did not respond to a request for comment.

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