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New Hampshire nursing home’s porn star and his ‘family’ are behind nursing home arson

A nursing home in New Hampshire has been placed on lockdown after an arsonist burned down the home’s basement.

The New Hampshire Nurses Association says it is “deeply saddened” by the fire that broke out on Monday morning.

It says the family of the arsonist is in custody.

It says the arson took place in the basement of the nursing home on the second floor.

The home was being used as a home for residents with dementia and other disabilities.

The blaze destroyed four of the five homes in the building, according to the association.

It’s not clear how long the fire had been going on.

The association says it’s also concerned about the safety of other residents.

The next generation of care centers is here!

It’s not just the homes themselves that are making the switch to new technology, though.

There are more and more of the old-fashioned nursing homes in need of upgrades.

We recently toured a new nursing home in Philadelphia that has been closed since it closed for repairs and replaced with a new facility that has an open-concept design and more space.

We’re also seeing a trend in other communities that have closed down and are now converting old nursing homes to new types of homes.

There’s a new kind of facility, a new style of care center.

We’ve also seen more people move into older homes that are undergoing renovations.

New care center on the way: Philadelphians for Open Doors This week we’re seeing more nursing home renovations that look like a big transformation, and it all starts with a fresh coat of paint.

Nursing home owners in the Philadelphia area have long been concerned about the quality of their homes, and this year has been no different. 

“It’s kind of a wake-up call,” said Dr. Julie Leveque, a professor at Philadelphia College of Nursing and Health Science who has been researching nursing home care and building homes for many years.

“When the paint comes on, it really makes it feel like a new place, so we’re very concerned about that,” she said.

There are a few things to keep in mind.

First, most new homes that we see are in their first or second decade of operation, so it’s not necessarily as bad as some of the older homes we’ve toured, said Leveques lead author, Dr. Stephanie Brown.

“But it is a bit of a transition,” she added.

Levequa and Brown were among the experts we spoke to for this story.

Second, while it’s important to keep these homes clean, they are not going to be safe for long.

The older homes often have mold and other contaminants in them, and they are prone to leaks and fires.

“The main issue is that they’re not going anywhere,” said Levesque.

And they are very, very beautiful homes,” she explained. “

When they get cleaned, there’s so much more space for people to go into the living spaces.

And they are very, very beautiful homes,” she explained. 

The next generation, however, is here, and we’re not seeing them leave. 

In some cases, we see older homes coming to life, or at least opening up a bit.

The homes are now being designed with a modern feel, and Leveques team has been doing extensive research into the latest developments in home design.

“What we have found is that these buildings are going to become more and less like older homes,” said Brown.

A recent study of the latest nursing homes across the country showed that, while many of them are old, many of the newer homes have undergone some kind of renovation.

In some cases there are newer kitchens and bathrooms, and in others, new rooms have been added.

“These are all things that are really important to people who are living in these homes, so these are places where we want to take a long look at what it is they’re doing to make them better,” said Deirdre McBride, a researcher with the Center for Home Improvement and Rehabilitation Research.

Brown said it was also important to look at how much these older homes were paying for upkeep. 

For the homes that have undergone renovations, that money has gone towards things like painting, replacing old linoleum floors and making repairs to the ceiling.

Levesques said that a lot was spent on replacing the old carpet and removing the old insulation.

“We think they’re really going to need to do that to make the houses look good for the next 100 years,” she told Polygon. 

But it’s the newer houses that are getting the most attention.

The older nursing homes are often in need.

They are often located in urban areas where people live and work in close proximity to each other, making it hard for residents to stay connected to their homes.

When a nursing home is in trouble, the older home can’t get the care it needs.

“It’s the oldest, it’s often the poorest, it has fewer residents, and if they don’t have the money to keep the home up, they don

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