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What’s next for Coronavirus-stricken Oxford nursing home?

The Coronaval Foundation, a nonprofit that works to improve health outcomes for residents in Oxford and surrounding communities, is seeking donations of blood to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

The nonprofit is seeking to match donations made to local hospitals with blood from patients who have been treated at Oxford’s Cornerstone Nursing Home.

The hospital has seen more than 1,000 residents since the coronavet virus hit in October, when more than 60 people contracted the virus in Oxford.

The Coronelac Foundation said Monday that it was seeking to donate blood from at least 50 people to fight coronaviruses in the Oxford area.

The organization has set up an email address to sign up for donations, and it will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

“We’re very much on the lookout for donors, and we’ve had lots of interest,” said Julie D’Agostino, a vice-president at the Coronald Foundation.

“The outpouring of donations has been incredible, and the response from the community has been phenomenal.”

The charity also is hoping to match blood from donors who have tested positive for coronaviral infections, which can cause fever and muscle pain.

Blood will be available through the organization’s website for those who are sick and need to be isolated.

“It’s been very encouraging and we’re looking forward to seeing some of our donors,” D’Augelli said.

A spokesperson for the Oxford Health Authority said it has been in contact with the Coronelaconvention Foundation.

He said the organization is also looking to match donated blood for blood banks and other groups that need donations.

The Oxford Health Trust said in a statement that it has “seen an outpouring” of donations from people in the area.

“All the donations are going to the Coronalac Foundation,” the statement said.

“They are providing blood for the NHS.”

The Coronalaconvention is an Oxford-based charity founded in 2008 to fight infections caused by coronavirosts.

The group aims to raise awareness and funds to fight this pandemic.

The trust said in the statement that its donors include patients in hospitals in Oxford, and that the Corona Hospital has been able to match donors to its medical staff.

“With the assistance of the Coronianac Foundation, we have been able provide blood to the community in Oxford since November 2016,” the trust said.

The charity has said it is asking donors to “help us raise money to fight these infections.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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